Heather believes in using colorful props, authentic light, and backgrounds that allow her the opportunity to playfully interact with your child as he/she explores a new location, all while capturing the genuine expressions that tell the true story of your child.

Heather's approachable and playful demeanor makes sessions fun and engaging for your child, and Heather is quite talented in drawing out spontaneous reactions from your child.

Heather also has a new in-town studio. The use of studio props and decor offers unique opportunities for your child to express him/herself. If your child arrives early or late, Heather will work with you to reschedule your session. For maternity photographs, sessions are best held between 7 and 8 months of pregnancy.

Interested in our Children's Collector Series? This plan offers a monthly creative themed portrait of your child! What a great idea to preserve your child's milestones to treasure forever!

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